The Journey Is On

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The Journey Is On

Beginning your journey

For the smaller companies, knowing where to start with the data analytics journey can be a crucial decision and there are a LOT of choices out there. Taking the wrong initial path could be costly down the line where more and more data needs managing, planning, forecasting and reported on. Future proofing and making your data an integral part of your business can leverage great ideas and ultimately add to the bottom line profit.

Unless you live under a rock, you will have heard and read about “IBM Planning Analytics” but did you know they offer a low cost On-Demand option as a subscription starting from as little as £36.99* per month (*at the time of writing).

If you didn’t know IBM Planning Analytics has a powerful real-time calculation engine (“TM1”) which has proven to be capable of working with large data sets and users, companies tend to choose IBM Planning Analytics in place of the competition is it’s speed, agility and power as well as they need more than financial modelling, it integrates financial data with sales, marketing, operations etc easily.

 What does IBM Planning Analytics On-Demand include?

  • A great way to start for small user companies (start with 1 user)
  • Web-based analysis, planning, reporting and modelling capabilities
  • A cloud hosted multi-tenant environment (up to 100 users)
  • Ability to setup unlimited containers (each can hold up to 2 Gigabytes maximum)
  • Subscribe Monthly or Annually
  • Data integration via .CSV files
  • A Web based interface “IBM Planning Analytics Workspace” (“PAW”)
  • Build and scale your application, adding new roles as you need them
  • Pre-build templates to start and play around with guided tutorials and training content is included to allow a quick start
  • Allows for a transition to an express or enterprise version

How can you start?

Feel free to get in contact to find out more, XY Squared are ready to help.