UKI Cognos Analytics Virtual User Group

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When : Sep 29, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM 

Register here : UKI Cognos Virtual User Group


An opportunity for existing Cognos Analytics customers to get together.  The theme of this event is modernising your Cognos estate with the latest 11.1.7 release, cloud and extensions, plus hear from Tata Steel UK and their migration from on-premise to SaaS.



  • Welcome & Introduction – 5 mins – Louis Regan
  • Demo of 11.1.7 and the new mobile application – 25 mins – Sasha Maybury & Will Branney
  • What if, Dashboard Zoom and Route Map extensions – 15 mins – Matthew Robinson
  • Migrating from on premise to SaaS – 25mins – Katie McCray & Paul Prieto
  • Tata Steel migration from on premise to SaaS – 15 mins Brendan Hoo Tata Steel UK
  • Ask the Experts Q&A – 5 mins – Sasha, Will, Louis, Paul, Katie & Matthew

Building on the last two successful virtual events this year, where we have shared together how to embrace AI in your BI, this session is all about modernisation of your Cognos environment.  With the latest release of 11.1.7 now generally available as the long-term support release, we will demonstrate the latest new features and the new mobile application.

Many customers are considering SaaS but are unsure if it’s possible to migrate to the cloud.  They have lots of questions, such as which components are supported, what help is on hand from IBM, how to get started.  This session will take you through all the questions and concerns and guide you through the best practice to successfully migrate from on-premise to our SaaS platform.


Plus hear from Tata Steel UK who have migrated from 10.1.1 on-premise to Cognos Analytics SaaS.  They will share why cloud, what they use Cognos for, business benefits and lessons learnt.


When modernising your estate, there are so many new enhancements available to you, with many additional examples available on the accelerator catalogue.  We will take you through some of these such as: the what if dashboard infused with ML, dashboard zoom and the route map.


Come and join our user group and understand how to modernise your Cognos estate and push back on other vendor solutions across your enterprise.