IBM Planning Analytics



  • Workspace is IBM’s new, innovative web and mobile platform that is redesigning the User Experience for all roles of Planning Analytics users
  • It includes a sleek design of Interactive Dashboards for Planning, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Combine data from all your TM1 Databases into a single synchronized sheet
  • Users of any level of experience can author content for Web or Mobile consumption
  • Workspace supports a new Viewer that provide for Ad Hoc Calculations
  • Over 25 Chart Types, Websheets, Videos, Images, Shapes, access to all Web Content links
  • Navigation Buttons to create managed applications across several integrated Assets.
  • Workspace provides collaboration in the context of ‘Books’, so comments and questions can surface greater insight into your data.

New TM1 web

  • Completely new UX synergistic with Workspace– Toolbar, Right Mouse Click Menu, Content Tree
  • Faster Websheet Loading, recalculation, and Scrolling
  • Conditional Formatting color scale and icon set
  • Active X control support
  • iPad conformance
  • New function that eliminates hardcoded TM1 Database names – less work for non-prod to prod migration


  • Complete UX refresh synergistic with Workspace
  • Exploration, Input Template design, and Reporting for all modes of user
  • Fast over WANs – No Citrix needed
  • Better support (than Perspectives) for native Excel – copy/paste to multiple cells, find/replace, direct cell reference to load input cells
  • 90% functional compatibility with Perspectives
  • Pop Up Viewer and Set Editor shared with Workspace

Server improvements

  • TM1 Databases can load 2-4X times faster with Multi-Threaded cube loading
  • Rule Files compile 2-4x times faster with Multi-Threaded feeder processing
  • Dimension batch loads will no longer block concurrent Readers and Writers to cubes having that dimension
  • Full object localization – recent enhancements provide localizing Views, Sets, Folders
  • Encrypted data at Rest
  • TI Debugging environment


  • Hierarchies will change the game of Analysis with Planning Analytics
  • You can use Product or Customer Attributes in your slice/dice/pivot tools as ‘Virtual Dimensions’ without having to physically define them as a dimension when creating the cube
  • You can add Hierarchies at any time after the cube exists, so your analysis opportunities are endless
  • Cubes can now be half the size and twice as fast because you don’t need physical dimensions to drive analysis
  • Even multiple Hierarchies for the same Dimension in the same query
  • And further, you can add fresh new data to your analysis ‘On the Fly’ with no disruption to Cube Structure, Business Rules, or Processes
  • Tremendous flexibility to react quickly to market change